Obatala is the Spirit of the Chief of the White Cloth in the West African religious tradition called “Ifa”. The word Obatala is the name given to describe a complex.

Obatala: all white animals are thought to be Obatala's favorites or manifested. " According to one story, Obatala is the father.


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Obatala. In the religion of the Yoruba people, Obàtálá is the creator of human bodies, which were brought to.

Obatala or Oshala is an orisha. He is believed to be the Sky Father and the creator of human bodies, which were brought to life by the smooth breath of.

The Orisha Obatala is central to the creation myth of the ancient Yoruba cultures of West Africa, where he is also manifest in the "white gods" of creativity and.

Obatalá (Obbatalá) is called the creator of earth and the sculptor of mankind because he was given this job by his father Olodumare, the supreme God in the.

Obatala – The Sweetest God from Africa. Liaquat Ali Khan, Contributor. Founder, Legal Scholar Academy, Kansas. 05/03/2016 06:15 PM ET. |. Updated Dec 06.

Obatala is such a higher elevated orisha although he may not be our title orisha he is given the same respect as if he was and adored as such. He is so important .