dracarys – ("drah-KAH-ris") The High Valyrian word for "dragonfire". Daenerys says "Dracarys" to Drogon, the young dragon, to encourage him to breathe fire and.

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May 6, 2019.

The High Valyrian word "Dracarys" has become a sort of catchphrase for Dany. It literally means "dragonfire" and it's the word she uses to.

May 7, 2019.

'Game of Thrones' fans have associated 'Dracarys' with Daenerys Targaryen aka the Mother of Dragons to wreak havoc on her enemies. This.

May 7, 2019.

All dracarys moments in GoT, we could have watched. Enjoy the video. 🙂 Show less Show more. Transcript. Game of Thrones Get season 8 on.

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Dracarys is High Valyrian for Dragonfire. Daenerys says 'Dracarys' to Drogon to encourage him to breathe fire. So when she said 'Dracarys' ,

May 5, 2019.

"'Dracarys' is clearly meant for Dany," Benioff said. "Missandei knows that her life is over, and she's saying, you know, 'Light them up.'".

May 6, 2019.

In that moment, Cersei told Missandei to utter any last words she might want to say, and Missandei went with just one word: “dracarys.” This, as.